Gee Thanks

from Songs For Topical Use by Neil Conway

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Gee Thanks

I don't have a dollar
but I do have a loan
I pay no bother
'cause I don’t have a phone
Hey Mr speaker
Won’t you cover my fare
I’m nearly as needy as a poor

They bailed out the banks
Gee thanks

Private profit
Public debt
We little people
gonna pay you can bet
The big ones are too big
so they're making them bigger
They prop 'em up when they should chop 'em up!
Go figure.

They bailed out the banks
Gee thanks

Over in Cypress
you would not believe
what troika bankers
have up their sleeve
Once you deposit
there's no guarantee
They got the money and you get

They bailed out the banks
Gee thanks

Down at the crime scene
You will see
the usual suspect
Money changers
ain't a changin'
Where the hell is Jesus Christ
when you need him?

They bailed out the banks
Gee thanks

All of the betters
are calling the bluff
The jiggy is up
The titty is tough
Where did the milk go
they promised to give?
Fat cats have no answer
to give

They bailed out the banks
Gee thanks

They screwed up this time
So what is their reward?
Anything they ask for
is all we can afford
Look at the homeless
They can have the blame
They’re just little people
In a big people game

They bailed out the banks
Gee thanks

Forget about the bills
can you spare a dime?
We ain’t in the money
And we ain’t on time
There's no rhyme or reason
But the treason is clear
the dawn of a brand new
season is near


from Songs For Topical Use, released October 22, 2013


all rights reserved



Neil Conway St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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